A Better Fit for Life

Your Better (or Best!) Fit for Life

Ahh, the job search such a wonderful time to take a deep breath and enjoy a slower paced lifestyle.  That’s what we are all thinking when this time comes right?

Nope, not even close.  Between scrambling to try and get something and finding your dream job its a challenging process that reexamines your self-confidence and perseverance.  

Well, I tell you what here are 5 questions you can ask yourself in order to save time and  some of the frustration when searching.  This post will help you decide which jobs are worth your precious time when applying.

1) Will this job help me reach my short-term goals?

This is the praise-worthy emoji.  You need to take into account your budget, your spending, your debt all into account when it comes to selecting a new job.  If you take time to be quiet in your soul, what is it you really need to do right now?  Where do you need to be?  If you need to be a good parent, you might want to steer away from jobs that will have you working from dawn to dusk or with strenuous commutes.  However if the short-term goal is to pay off your car as soon as possible you might also be considering how much money you can make as fast as possible as reason to choose a more demanding career path.

2) Will this job help me reach my long-term goals?

This is thinking and head-scratching emoji. Hmm, what do you truly want to be or become in terms of your long-term destiny.  Remember: the road of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.  If you feel your calling is in advertising field, I’d say niche down and only look for jobs in that field.   Set up your job search on different job boards each week by searching for the same position on each different board.  For example, “digital media associate” on Linked In, Indeed, and Idealist.  

You could also niche down even further to see if there are job boards only catering to people in the creative industry or those looking to start a career in right-leaning politics.  

I also recommend talking to people you know who love their jobs in your target field and seeing if there are any openings at their companies.  Great work environment + Doing what you love = Success.


If offered the job, am I willing to put up with the commute and/or potential for relocation even if earn just the lower-end of the salary range?

Oh, this is a big one for me as a mom to a little one seeking full-time work.  How far away are you willing to go to reach your dreams and goals?  What it really comes down is location, location, location.  I am blessed to live within a 45 minute commute from a major metropolitan area with a range of career paths however I would be considered if I didn’t have my mom helping me with my son some days while I work.  Child care is a huge issue that must be addressed by the market or by policies.  Some companies have a benefit of child care or telecommute options, however nearly not enough.  If this is something that you need to be able to switch jobs, only search for jobs like.

Also, you could be a bit timid of the road like me! If this you, try and stay within a 30 mile distance of your home.  But if your goals are your priority, you can expect to meet them if you open your search to 50 or 60 miles.  

4) Does this job really and truly interest me?

A Better Fit For Life is born out of helping you find the best fit for your life.  Your job needs to be something that fits in perfectly with the essence of who you are and who you can become.  It is all about searching for the better fit when the time is right.  If you are happy where you are at for right now, let the best fit be.  Needless to say, if you are unhappy taking a half hour every few days to check what’s out there might be a good tactic.  You could always stumble upon an  awesome opportunity or discover more ways to work that side hustle.  

5) When reading the description do I feel like I can be successful and still learn at the same time?

When you read a job description do you find yourself nodding like “yes I can do this” or do you find yourself biting your nails when it comes to application?  The second should never be you, because if it takes that much out of your energy to do the application what is it saying about your use of time?  It’s saying, it’s not worth it.  Not to be a debbie-downer however your potential jobs should be within reach and should inspire you to apply.  Words should be pouring out of you like a fountain when it comes to writing the cover letter or editing your cover letter to tailor this job.  Rule of thumb if it takes you more than an hour…perhaps think about the suitability of this job for you.

There you have it 5 easy questions you can ask yourself to find out what jobs you are thinking about applying to are truly worth your time.  I know this is something I struggle with because I am an ambitious type, however I hope this inspires you to make the best use of your time and land the best job for you.

As always, write to me with comments questions or concerns regarding this post or any others.  

I am here for you!