A Better Fit for Life

Your Better (or Best!) Fit for Life

There is nothing like the positivity of staying within budget.  I mean for real, ladies and gents! Knowing that you are able to hold out on immediate pleasures to become debt free or to be able to save for a downpayment on something huge is worth more than gold. I am going to share one easy little tip to make extra cash on the spot…. And its called… (drum roll please).

Reselling Essential Items 


I seriously love this because no matter how many ways our economy moves it is never enough.  I have one item that I have owned, purchased off of someone who has purchased it off someone else and I later resold the item.  There are certain things that just don’t lose value. For example, baby bassinets, exersaucers, heck designer purses.   Grace it with your presence and that is more than enough! This means something else about these typical items:  you don’t have to purchase them new. You only have to take real good care of them.  

Below are 3 easy places you can sell your items:


1. Person to person

→ The most bang for your buck.  Look online for Facebook groups in your area like “[Your Town’s Name] Free and For sale” or “Under $5”


2.  Person to consignment shop

 → Least Recommended:  You never quite get the amount your item is worth.  But it is a quick, easy, and local fix to get rid of the extra junk crowding your peace of mind. 


3. Person to retail

→ Easy and profitable! This is usually done through an assignment pop-up like Just Between Friends or Poshmark. Last sale I earned over $200 just by selling my son’s used clothing, toys, and baby equipment Since there are so many ways to make a few bucks to stay within your family’s toy and/or clothing budget for good this tell us one thing. That minimalism pays off.


Buy few, take good care of the item, then send it right back out the door when you outgrow its use.

Sigh, we really can have it all.