A Better Fit for Life

Your Better (or Best!) Fit for Life

Hi I am Danielle, Joel’s mom.

I am so excited to embark on this journey together. My experience in communications, politics, and law was altered when the arrival of this little guy was discovered in April 2015 while I was living overseas in Costa Rica. (It was my best fit at the time). Gathering all my resources to come back to the USA, I brought my husband, a Costa Rican native, with me as we all searched for our new better fit.  We had to grow.

Enduring a pleasant pregnancy I discovered the blogging world and worked towards having a natural childbirth.  After my son’s delivery, I struggled to be able to breastfeed him.  I was later diagnosed with hypothyroidism as the underlying reason for my low milk supply.  Discovering this disease fuels me to work hard to overcome it using holistic healing and nutrition.

Two years now from learning I was pregnant, I am making a stand in the world for all women (and men) that are looking for the best fit for themselves and their families.  This comes in many ways: health, fitness, quality of relationships, how we spend our free time, our home life and our work.

A Better Fit for Life was born out of the hope that we are all constantly seeking to improve and find that better fit for each of us. Because I truly believe that we are all always in the process of discovering a better fit for life, I will provide you some resources, encouragement, and fresh ideas along the way. This is the start of a beautiful friendship.

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