A Better Fit for Life

Your Better (or Best!) Fit for Life

I want you to learn some super easy tips to start and implement your long term weight loss goals.  I started this blog out of frustration with my lack of confidence in my appearance.  I have over 50 lbs to lose to get back to my pre-baby weight.   As women I think that this is something we all struggle with, but I want to explore ways to make confidence issues less of a struggle.  Yes we are looking for a better fit into our clothes, but at the same time how about we look for better fit wih ourselves?  This blog is born out my drive to become the true me, to look for the best fit in all material, financial, and physical ways so that we can become our truest self we were destined to become.   Now you must understand I am just beginning this process to shed things I don’t need and stick to my weight loss plan myself however this is a journey we can embark on together.  

So… here is to starting our weight loss plan with no time to spare!

Make A Schedule

So this is something I still struggle with… and going back to job market will make it even harder.  (I give it to you working moms willing to take a part of this journey!)  But making a written schedule will do wonders for your time management and affectivity. Also be sure to print it out, save it to your google docs so you can access it on your phone.  There will no long be any more brain fog wondering “what am I supposed to be doing right now?” and “is this the best use of my time?”  because you will have preplanned for those moments!  I don’t just mean having a rough idea of how much time you’d like to dedicate to exercising each day I mean scheduling when you will complete all of your new healthy habits this means scheduling your sleep, meal, workout, and social times.


Plan Incentives

I cannot express the importance of preplanning written incentives to keep you motivated.   If it keeps you moving in the direction of your goal, it doesn’t matter how slow you move, don’t budge on the prize until you reach it!  Incentives should be a way to truly celebrate you and your effort to persevere with your goals.  I am totally okay with food incentives because hey! You earned it (trrryy and keep your dietary restrictions in mind), but a girls weekends or wardrobe make-overs are worth it too. And, plan them often.  You have a big goal like mine?  Celebrate every. 10. Lbs. that you take off because here is to a new you.  (PICTURE OF MY PLANNER)

Start Slow

If you’re anything like me and your fitness level has been at an all-time low the past year and a half, it might seem like a good idea to go all out to make yourself fit by signing up for a ½ marathon with your friends in the next month and a half because hey! You will have to work out.  But I assure you that to truly reach your fitness goals, this type of action will only lead to burn out.  Remember that story about the Tortoise and the Hare? Here at A Better Fit for Life I am all about holistically helping you reach your goals one day at a time. So take a deep breath because this life is all about improvement not just expecting to flaunt your bikini body in the next 2 weeks.   

It’s perfectly okay to have realistic expectations when it comes to weight loss.   And while you may deviate off your plan from time to time when you smell those chocolate chip cookies at your mom’s house, it will be okay if you do because you will have planned for this.  No, you are not planning to fail.  But you are admitting that you are a work in progress and this is great.  For me, this means I am giving myself exactly 1 year to make weight loss and nutrition my goal and get my pre-baby body back.  This means I am projecting an average of -4-5 lbs a month, and -1 lb a week.  Not too shabby when you think about it!  But having realistic expectations to get your complete your goals in real time allows you to live (just a little) and make up for slack if it’s due.

It took me almost 1 month to get serious about working out, because my fitness level was so low previously.  For you it could be longer or shorter.  Just be willing to put the work in when push comes to shove.  My eating although not completely cleaned up yet, I have my good weeks and my bad weeks I am keeping that picture and the projected averages in mind.  If I know it’s nearing the end of the month and I am not on target I make better efforts to stay. on. Track.